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Real estate Le Rocche to give an accurate valuation of the building to be placed on the market, entrusts its staff of technicians who, according to the typology, the characteristics and the position evaluate with the utmost accuracy the value of the Building's.

Always in contact

The Agency offering to their customers all the support they need through the sale since the agency it self is supported by a staff of architects, engineers and surveyors that is fit to perfectly give a building's valutation as well as make a report on the conditions in buth case of costruction or restore.

Ten years experience

Active from the 90's and considered by our customers as always punctual and careful to the smallest detail, an Agency of undoubted seriousness and honesty. The ten year experience in this field gives us security and solidity. Competence, seriousness and ethical values at the heart of success!

Where we are

We are located in Roccatederighi, in the province of Grosseto in via Trento, 9

Always in contact

The relationship with our customers is always alive and strong, but especially long-lasting.

Where We Work

Throughout Tuscany, with preference for the provinces of Grosseto and Siena.
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